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Feed the Birds and Keep Them Happy and Healthy

Since 1994, wild bird enthusiasts have recognized February as National Bird Feeding Month. February is one of the toughest months for wild birds to find food and the designation encourages people to feed our feathered friends with feeders in their back yards. This year’s theme is “Winter Comforts – Feed the Birds and Keep Them Happy and Healthy.”

Like millions of people across the country, you may find bird watching to be a fun and relaxing hobby. As such, attracting a large variety and quantity of birds to your feeder is a main goal. To accomplish this you’ll want to make your backyard a favorite location among neighborhood birds. Here’s a few tips to keep the bird flocking to your feeder.

  • Be patient and consistent. When you are just starting out and have placed a feeder in your yard for the first time, it can often take days or weeks for the birds to find your feeder. Once they do, be sure to consistently fill your feeder so the birds will come to know your yard is a reliable place to find food.
  • Consider the season. You can enjoy feeding the birds all year long. In fact, birds need additional nutrition in the winter months when natural food sources are less available. Consider adding a suet feeder in the winter which give birds lots of energy and nutrition.
  • Location is key. Choosing a location for your feeder is a key consideration to attracting birds. Some birds feed from the trees while others feed on the ground or in shrubs. You may want to consider multiple feeders in a variety of locations to attract the widest variety of birds.  
  • Provide protection. Also consider protection when placing your feeder. Place your feeder in a location that provides easy access to natural shelter from predators, such as near bushes or trees. If possible, keep your cat indoors so they won’t chase the birds. Also consider using devises that will keep squirrels from getting to the bird feed so you aren’t throwing your money away feeding the squirrels.
  • Choose the right food. Different birds like to eat different types of feed. While you can use a single seed bird food, choosing a seed mixture will attract the greatest variety and is an easy way to get started. Quality of the feed is definitely a consideration.  Blue Seal Wild Bird Feed, which is available at Militello Farm Supply, is made from the highest quality seeds, grains, nuts and fruits.

With a little time and effort, your bird feeder will soon be a regular stop for the neighborhood birds. You’ll enjoy hours of watching birds of all kinds flocking to your feeder.