About Us

Your growing success is our success! We provide pesticides, vineyard maintenance supplies, agricultural supplies, garden supplies, animal feed and so much more.

As one of the leading farm supply businesses in the Chautauqua-Erie Grape Belt, we are dedicated to providing pesticides, vineyard supplies, agricultural supplies, and crop protection information to growers across the United States. We deliver new and existing products, programs and services to our vineyard, farm and home customers in an efficient and personal way to enhance their growth and profit opportunities for the long term.

In carrying out our mission, we test new and old products and programs in our own vineyards to demonstrate how to use them effectively and obtain the biggest return on your investment. We then bring product manufacturers and customers together to discuss the results, providing for a better understanding of our needs as an industry.

Now a second generation family business, Militello Farm Supply began in 1984 when Bob and Judy Militello began selling vineyard maintenance supplies out of their 100 year old barn on Route 39, just three miles west of Forestville, New York. New facilities were built on the site in 1989 and again in 1995 to accommodate the growing business.

Today, Militello Farm Supply is owned and operated by their son James who also oversees Militello Farms, LLC, a 310 acre vineyard operation. He carries on the tradition of providing quality products, education and superior service to both farm and home growers. While specializing in the grape industry, Militello Farm Supply now provides everything your growing agriculture business or home garden needs.