Militello Farm Supply, Inc. is a family owned business that has been dedicated to providing farm supplies and agricultural information for over 25 years. It is located on Route 39, about three miles west of Forestville, New York.

The principals of this family owned business were Bob and Judy Militello. They began selling crop protection products in a one hundred year old barn on their Sheridan, NY farm in 1984. New facilities at the same site were built to accommodate the growing business in 1989 and 1995. The company was incorporated in 1997.

Bob Militello was a graduate of Cornell University and a protege of Dr. Nelson Shaulis, a world renown viticulturist. He worked in private industry for National Grape Cooperative, Agway and Helena Chemical Company for 15 years in various positions, all requiring significant viticultural knowledge.

Judy Militello was a graduate of Jamestown Business College, and was previously employed by Welch’s and Castiglia Construction Company. Her accounting skills were invaluable in developing Militello Farm Supply, Inc.

In 1999, after working as an engineer for a few years, their son James Militello returned to the farm to manage 275 acres of grapes and serve as Vice President of Operations of Militello Farm Supply, Inc. He is a graduate of the SUNY Buffalo with a degree in mechanical engineering. Presently he is the owner of Militello Farms, LLC, a 310 acre vineyard operation, and the President of Militello Farm Supply, Inc.

Militello Farm Supply, Inc. has continued to expand product lines and services during the last ten years, and today is one of the leading farm supply businesses in the Chautauqua-Erie Grape Belt. The company concentrates on individualized customer service. It also provides training and learning opportunities for its customers through on-farm demonstrations of new products and growing systems dealing with pest control, nutrition, under-trellis weed control, row middle management, drip irrigation, trellis materials and much more.

Our Mission

Your Success is Our Success!

In an ever-changing agricultural industry our corporate mission remains constant.

Our dedication to delivering new and existing products, programs and services to our vineyard, farm, and home customers in an efficient and personal way to enhance their growth and profit opportunities in grape and wine production for the long term. In carrying out this mission we test new and old products and programs in our own vineyards to demonstrate their efficacy and how to use them efficiently to maximize their effectiveness and obtain the biggest return on your investment. Then we bring product manufacturers and our customers together to review our demonstrations and discuss the results. This innovative business approach brings manufacturer and user together to better understand our needs as an industry.