Disclaimer Statement

Suggested use rates listed on our site are averages taken from the label and are listed to help determine amount of product you may need. These use rates are not to be taken as product use recommendations.

Purchaser is responsible to read the Product Label and Use Requirements for all products. Militello Farm Supply Inc. assumes no liability for the use or misuse of these products. Militello Farm Supply Inc. makes no guarantees other than what the manufacturer of these products will stand behind.

While we work as hard as possible to list prices and descriptions correctly, every now and then we may list something incorrectly. In the event of a pricing mistake, we reserve the right to revise an order, to correct pricing, or cancel an order. We will not make any additional charges without the customer’s consent. Due to many product environmental and safety precautions, we also reserve the right to cancel any order if we deem it necessary.