Infaco Charger 841C for 120 WH Lithium Battery


The F3015 Lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one hour.  Works with the F3015 Electrocoup Shears, A3Mv248 Tying Machine and Powercoup 2. Batteries sold separately.

Model #841C

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The F3015 Lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one hour. Complete charge is achieved in one and a half hours (cell balancing included). The charger has 2 slots for sequentially charging two F3015 batteries making it perfect for energy-consuming tools like the PW2 reciprocating saw, chain saw, hedge-trimmers, and olive harvesters.

The charger features a hibernation mode that optimizes the battery for long-term storage during the off-season and helps keep the battery healthy for years to come.

  • Recharging is no longer required during the off-season!
  • Just press the hibernation button at the end of the pruning season, let the charger do its work for a few hours, and store the tool in its case until the next season.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 in


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