Infaco F3015 Fixed Length Extension Pole P8F120


The P8F120 – 47″ Fixed carbon fiber extension Pole. Works with the F3015 Shear. Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber technology. Overall weight of this pole is 1.5 pounds.

Does NOT include the F3015 Shear:(

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F3015 Fixed-Length Extension Pole

Infaco’s telescopic carbon fiber extension poles allow users to prune from the ground without ever setting foot on a ladder. All poles are made from carbon fiber making them incredibly durable and the absolute lightest extension poles of any electric shear on the market. Features a mobile trigger system that provides the most comfortable pruning experience possible and makes the pole to feel even lighter! All Infaco poles work with our electric shears no matter which size cutting head you are using. Trigger control information is directly centralized by an electronic micro-card housed in the pole. The tool’s versatility will be appreciated by users doing large cuts or overhead work.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 54 in