Bulk Seed for Food Plot and Cover Crops

Seed for food plot and cover crops. Available in full bags or sold by the pound. Special orders also available.

  • Buckwheat
  • Chicory
  • Clover
  • Oats
  • Purple Top Turnip
  • Rye
  • Sugar Beet
  • Triticale

In-stock quantities may vary.

This product is available for local pick up only and may be purchased in store.  



In addition to pre-packaged blends, Militello Farm Supply provides bagged and by the pound seed for food plots and cover crops. The seed we commonly carry is listed below and we are able to special order if you don’t see what you are looking for.

  • Buckwheat – (50 pound bag) Cover crop or grain crop seeded in early summer. Adds soil tilth and health. Good nutrient scavenger.
  • Oasis Chicory – (25 pound bag) High yielding, broad-leaved perennial herb that has excellent feed value for livestock.
  • Ladino Clover – (50 pound bag) A true large leafed Ladino Clover known for its high yields. More vigorous and faster growing than other White Clovers.
  • Medium Red Clover – (50 pound bag) Short lived perennial with most aggressive growth in the spring. Good winter hardiness.
  • Purple Top Turnip – (50 pound bag) A brassica with the rare ability to handle hot, dry growing conditions. Very palatable top and root.
  • Sugar Beet – (50 pound bag) High energy easily digestible food source that will draw deer in.
  • Steuben Oats – (48 pound bag) White oat developed by University of Minnesota. Has great lodging resistance.  Very late maturing.
  • Winter Triticale – (50 pound bag) A medium tall winter triticale with exceptional forage yields. Produces very high straw yields.
  • Winter Rye/Cereal Rye – (56 pound bag) Inexpensive and easy to establish. Extensive soil-holding root system. Significant reduction of nitrate leaching. Can windbreak, trap snow and hold rainfall over winter. Can be seeded later in the fall.

Food Plot Fact Sheet

Recommended Seed Rate

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