Chapin 25 lb Professional SureSpread Handheld Bag Seeder


Professional bag seeder with 24lb capacity. Water resistant lining and gate adjustment to easily control how much seed you apply.

Model #84700A

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Chapin’s 84700A SureSpread handheld bag seeder is great for small areas or hard to reach places where a push spreader or tow-behind can’t go. Featuring a heavy-duty, waterproof, zipper-top bag, the bag seeder is compatible with a variety of seeds and granular fertilizers. A rear baffle keeps seeds from filling your shoes and pockets, an enclosed gear box protects gears from the elements, and an adjustable shoulder strap and a convenient application chart (located on the bottom of the spreader) make this spreader easy to use.

  • 25-pound capacity (dependent upon seed type)
  • Rear baffle keeps seed from filling your pocket
  • Water resistant lining keeps seed dry
  • Gate adjustment easily controls how much you apply

*Note: not recommended for sand and sand mixes

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5.5 × 85 in

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