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Iowa State University – Review of Cold Climate Grape Cultivars

A Review of 75 Cold Climate Grape Cultivars. Some of the environmental limitations of cold climates are:

Cold Tolerance: Winter Cold hardiness is determined by the ability of the cultivar to withstand the lowest temperatures expected in an area. This can be influenced by the vine’s suitability to the site during the growing season. The general health of the vine and factors such as crop load, pest and disease control will impact survivability.

Late Frosts: Spring Cultivars that have an early bud break are susceptible to late spring frosts. Although some cultivars are capable of producing a crop on secondary buds, they may prove to be unsuitable due to reduced productivity.

Length of Season: Although a cultivar may be capable of surviving cold winters and tolerating a late spring frost, it is also important that the length and relative warmth of the season be considered. Unfortunately some desirable cultivars require more growing time than a short season growing area will allow.

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