World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Unscented, 28 pounds


More cats shouldn’t mean more mess. Made with a natural plant ingredient for even more outstanding odor control, this multiple cat clumping litter is easy to scoop and proven flushable for simple cleanup! Having more than one cat shouldn’t mean you have more to worry about it. Your cats deserve the best clumping cat litter and you’ll get more out of every bag with 2X longer-lasting performance than the leading US litter brand.

Net Weight: 28 pounds

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Unlike clay litter, World’s Best Cat Litter uses a patented process to compress corn into super-absorbent granules that trap odor deep inside and form tight clumps on contact – so you can do more with less litter.

  • Outstanding odor control – Smells stay trapped deep inside the litter so living with your cat doesn’t have to stink.
  • Quick clumping and easy scooping – Naturally-absorbent corn traps waste before it sticks to the box so you don’t have to chisel and scrape.
  • 99% Dust free – Corn is free of silica dust—naturally so you and your cat can breathe easy.
  • Pet, people and plant friendly – Made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals so you can feel good about your choice.
  • Lightweight – Long-lasting corn delivers the performance you need without the weight so you can give your back a break.
  • Flushable and septic safe – Tested and proven flushable* and safe for septic and sewer systems! So you can skip the trip to the trash.

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 24 in


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